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Jeff Ward and the Sinclair Cattle program provided us with access to some wonderful foundation females with a storied heritage. Jeff studied and implemented the art of linebreeding, whereby repeatability and predictability of genetics occurs.

Acquiring cattle from the leading Angus breeders in Tom Elliot (NBar Angus – Established in 1885), Martin Jorgensen (Jorgensen Land and Cattle – Established in 1909) and Dale Davis (Rollin Rock Angus – Established 1956), Sinclair offered a truly unique opportunity to bring a culmination of hundreds of years of breeding, from dedicated stockman back to Western Australia. Some of the genetics of note that we have brought home include:

Ideal 4465 of 6807 4286 – this Donor came to prominence as the first family in the Angus breed to be recognized for excellence in feed efficiency. As of 2008 she had sold in excess of $2million in progeny sales after achieving the honor of the top selling female out of the Jorgensen Ranch in 2003. She has true maternal function and performance in a unique genetic package.

Some of her direct daughters that we flushed include:



Left: Sinclair Lady 2P60 4465 – dam of Cherylton Stewie D19 (video above)

Middle: Sinclair Net Present Value (highest selling semen sire for Accelerated Genetics).

Right: Sinclair Lady 1C8 4465 – $150 000 Donor

Sinclair Lady 3R1 – a unique combination of the feed efficiency 4465 donor and the 1967 Rito Sire. We have used a full brother in 3R9.

Knoll Crest Farm


The Knoll Crest operation has been a family seedstock business since 1944.

The focus on performance bred cattle led to the production of KCF Bennett Performer, a sire that many have recognized as a producer of truly functional maternal cattle with weight for age.

Upon inspection his dam was an exceptional type and has proven to provide a quality mix when combining her son (Performer) with the Sinclair program’s Lady 5X26 2P61.

In addition we flushed a lovely daughter of Pleasanta Pill of Conanga 736, the same bloodline that brought about the high growth Baldridge Kabooom.


Baldridge-Bros-ImageBaldridge Brothers

Two feature donors came from the 40 year old Baldridge Bros Angus stud.

These include a full sister to the $202 000 BR midland and the dam of Genetics By Design.


BR-Midland Genetcis-by-Design

As a feature of the midland feed test BR Midland has not only sired short gestation, moderate framed, neat uddered females with great calving ease he also imprints the feed efficiency performance that the test is renowned for.

GG Clara 859 (dam of genetics by design) is a unique donor with an outcross pedigree with a type that appeals. They are moderate framed thick topped and easy doing cattle.


Riverbend Ranch

We were fortunate enough to partner up with Riverbend Ranch in the purchasing and flushing of Southern Blackcap 0802, a full sister to GAR EXT 2104.

We deliberately aimed to acquire genetics out of the lovely traditional type in GAR Scotch Cap 867, before the introduction of precision 1680 into the family line.

GAR-EXT-2104We then flushed 0802 to OCC Embblazon 854E who contributes significant fleshing ability and lovely well uddered traditional angus types.

Australian Genetics

We were introduced to a number of exciting Donors from domestic sources to build our base. These included genetics from time tested families that have produced fantastic maternal function. Families include the Lowan, Rosebud, Miss Vegas Queenie, Trevisa, Flower, Brenda, and Prue’s.



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