Breeding Philosophy

Cherylton Angus is all about expressing the genetic merit of the Angus Breed. We aim to provide clients with genes that will ensure the engine room of the cattle business, “the cow,” is first and foremost.

We want our clients to have functional cattle that calve unassisted, wean fast growing calves off grass and breed early with the least inputs possible.

While we appreciate the importance of the carcase attributes required by the end user, we feel compromising maternal function and cow longevity a price too great to pay.

It is interesting how much selection pressure has been placed recently for traits that fail to return a cent to the producer’s pocket. So while we are attentive to changes in the market environment we wish to stay focused on providing Angus genetics that the commercial cattleperson require to drive returns.

While longevity may not appear as sexy as the highest imf bull in the breed, the reduction in replacement costs places coin in the producers pocket, with this in mind we have brought genetics into the herd from 18 and 19 year old productive cows – This is just one example of where we place emphasis on “the cow” driving the business.

Cattle breeding is so much more than adding two numbers together and saying that the combination will benefit the industry. We view seedstock production as an artform of a combination of true stockmanship, incorporating the science of ebv’s and mbv’s with the latest breeding technology.

As such we have a rigorous selection criteria to ensure quality remains high, utilize embryo transfer to expand the high merit animals, undertake breedplan recording including bw for every animal born, and utilise genomics to aid in identifying superior genetics early. We have all bulls fertility tested and every animal independently structurally assessed to ensure we are providing sound breeding animals.

As a general rule we look at a number of EBV’s to improve our base. We aim for improved calving ease, shorter gestation, moderate birth, high 200d, high 400d and a 600d that is as close to the 400d as possible. We also desire a downward pressure of mature weight.

Moderate milk, large scrotal, reduced days to calving, and a positive rib and rump fat complete the areas we focus on. These areas have given assistance in improving the fertility and productivity of our female base.

We unashamedly promote the wonderful work Angus Australia and Breedplan have done in equipping us with tools for assessing cattle – we have the best marketed and performance tested breed on the planet.


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